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Sevakudu Movie Review

Written By Unknown on Thursday, 24 January 2013 | 01:15

Sevakudu Movie reviewNasser a head constable worships his work and he wants to see his son Surya (Srikant) too as a police officer but the latter is not interested, he has no faith in them because they are corrupt. On the other hand Lakshmi Krishna Prasad (Krishna) an NRI steps into Vijayawada to make it a dream city and do service but he is killed by Pradeep Rawat as he finds Krishna an impediment. Surya loses his father too in the process. To change the system what does he do? Samudra who dished out Evadaithe Nakenti, Adhineta comes up with Sevakudu. Let’s see what it is all about.
Sevakudu Movie review 3There has many influences on Sevakudu, example Oke Okkadu, Sivaji, Leader etc. It looks like Samudra despite copying many elements still wanted to convey something else. You need to write strong scenes to put such message across. He erred in making the hero give lengthy lectures. Also there is no logic. Adopting Vijayawada is also okay but why will the government give away the law and order into Srikant’s hands? And he goes on a killing spree, many episodes look really absurd. In one scene Pradeep Rawat is hanged and he comes out alive and the judgement is God has saved him, so let him free and he walks away free. Looks like Samudra was sleeping when he thought of that scene.
Sevakudu Movie review 2Looks like the director has a lot of anger towards the society but he didn’t know how to present it and attempted to show that hatred, angst on the audiences. Lot of unnecessary thing and matter not connected to us at all move in a brisk manner. All this almost puts you to a deep slumber but the horrible RR doesn’t allow you that fortune. Most of the conversations go blank, probably because the censor board found it too objectionable. There is a lengthy dialogue by srikant but the lip sync doesn’t happen at all for a moment you feel you are watching an Arabic film dubbed in Telugu. Wonder why Srikant picks such stories. He does not have to show his talent after having completed 100 films but here he did over act.
Sevakudu Movie review 1Charmme does not bug us this time, because she simply does not get a chance. She was meant only for the songs and dances. Krishna came up with the popular dialogues of Mahesh Babu and pleased his son’s fans. Manjula is a total waste and he could not use Brahmanandam properly. This clearly shows Samudra’s inefficiency.
Sevakudu Movie review 4The film’s concept is about a criminal getting his punishment immediately. No FIR, No judgement, Only punishment is the tagline. Samudra dishes out that punishment to the unsuspecting audience who stepped into the theatre and committed a crime of watching the film.
Badaandhra Rating : 1.5/5        
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